Belly, The Weeknd, Young Thug - Better Believe
XO labelmates Belly & The Weeknd recruit Young Thug for the official music video for "Better Believe" off the upcoming project, "See You Next Wednesday" LP.

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  • Joe Pepe
    Joe Pepe

    Imagine drake in this we really need a drake weeknd jawn

  • Rochelle Young
    Rochelle Young

    meh not it for me lazy song writing

  • Nicholas TJR
    Nicholas TJR

    dat E46 M3 tho

  • Sharfraz

    Young thug just makes me laugh man 😂😂 how you saying his part in the video involved him being hit and squashed by a truck and then inflated back to normal with gas 😭😭😭

  • Kat West
    Kat West

    Abel so Mmmmm

  • Oğulcan İlter
    Oğulcan İlter

    the weeknd's worst song

  • Ayesha Ellahi
    Ayesha Ellahi

    Ok the weekend killed this

  • Jeremias Arce
    Jeremias Arce

    se lo llevo the weeknd al tema naziii

  • Garfield Hemmings
    Garfield Hemmings


  • Manny Nuttall
    Manny Nuttall

    The trite secure predictably charge because screwdriver timely list excluding a auspicious baker. offbeat, womanly cord

  • Rajit Kamboj
    Rajit Kamboj

    how you get benz and bmw.... only abel XOTWOD

  • Mempress

    Abel says "better believe" 42 times.

  • Star Blane
    Star Blane

    All the people that dislike this song got to be losing their f****** mind in the garbage somewhere 😆🤣😂👉 and don't know what real music is 😆🤷👉because this weekend song is the businnnneesssss! 👍💯😍🥰 And all y'all sleeping on the weekend🤔👉 I feel bad for you because y'all don't know what good music is👉😴😴😴😴 stop sleeping and stay awake 😳🤑👍🙄🤷😆😂🤣💯👍

  • Charles Ribbon
    Charles Ribbon

    about time you back

  • Dani V
    Dani V

    This wouldn’t be lit without young thug 🔥💯


    thug and Abel should do more songs together

  • Bo Elle
    Bo Elle

    I love the way Abel says “oh yeah” in this, hits the spot

  • firdos khan
    firdos khan

    BMW m3gtr

  • honest Human
    honest Human

    bruh why they need that bitch ass nail-polish wearing young thug? everything else was amazing.

  • RyanThaLion

    "All things are possible if you BELIEVE"

  • greg harry
    greg harry

    W here the fuck is Nav ?!

  • jordan tony
    jordan tony


  • Sharly Sharma
    Sharly Sharma

    The girl on the passenger seat is no more?

  • Ackza𒀖

    Beluga Whales.... over weight women.... make money off them, Sexcersize them to being fit, repeat

  • samirul223

    I want a album with the weekend belly nav and 88 glams

  • A$AP.

    Why did i think belly was klay thompson

  • Pranjal Rawat
    Pranjal Rawat

    भीकेंड : बेटा बिल्ली

  • M Rofiq
    M Rofiq

    we all knew that this song is gonna be abel's song

  • Ackza𒀖

    Doja Called like the Matrix

  • Ackza𒀖

    None of my cryptos is stable

  • M F
    M F

    Dark Abel is BACK!!!

  • Aurora Jane
    Aurora Jane

    Someone make a amv of this shit

  • arielle delgado
    arielle delgado

    Belly never disapoints NEVER

  • Mack B
    Mack B

    This is KOTF Part 2 to me IDC

  • Traww Karsit
    Traww Karsit

    Harbi mükemmel

  • Perkins Dale
    Perkins Dale

    Song is awesome, no more words

  • Саня Добрый
    Саня Добрый

    BMW 👍Vodka Beluga 👎

  • Ace Quan
    Ace Quan

    1:04 this nigga cold

  • Paradise Alive Games
    Paradise Alive Games

    Nice 5am ad, you suck so bad at music you have to repeat shit lyrics and autotune it? Y'all can't even organically get better, just keep regurgitating garbage LMFAO lame as hell

  • Gabrielle Francisco
    Gabrielle Francisco

    seems like abel's song

  • Lil Manna
    Lil Manna

    Travis scott on this woulda been 🔥🔥

  • adnan rizvi
    adnan rizvi

    Belly with 30 seconds of lyrics in his own song 🤣

  • Kartell IV
    Kartell IV

    Might not make it was my best song but when BETTER BELIEVE came out? I was like omg my new favorite. keep it up #BELLY a fan FROM nowhere.

  • ItzzMay

    13M ❤️

  • wilson martin
    wilson martin

    Weeknd copied Rohit Shetty style 🤣

  • Don Gee Music ⭐
    Don Gee Music ⭐

    Somebody get the weeknd a book so he can learn more words... He sucks.. lol

    • Rick Zheng
      Rick Zheng

      why do your remixes suck so much

  • Fadua Zapata
    Fadua Zapata

    The Weeknd ft. Belly and Young Thug

  • Taysha Evans
    Taysha Evans

    Lol was it young thug idea to flatten himself and get inflated with slime? 🤣🤣

  • Mike Pedersen
    Mike Pedersen

    I despise this lol..u cannot drift wkend if u can...fucken prove it

  • Aayush Smash
    Aayush Smash

    Better believe in the weekend.

  • Elias Flowers
    Elias Flowers

    Ofc Abel sings majority of the song😂

  • Patricia Santos Santana
    Patricia Santos Santana

    I love you The weeknd í love you young thug ❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • RealtremilCH2

    Why the end of The Weeeknd's verse make a better chorus than the actual chorus of this track though?

  • Geetika Pearl
    Geetika Pearl

    Weeknd Verse is the whole mooddd!!!!!

  • JAISON J S 20BEN015
    JAISON J S 20BEN015

    1:03 exes prayin' on my downfall to they prayin'

  • G- Raffe
    G- Raffe

    The Weeknd:the yoinker of songs

  • Mr. YouTube Toast
    Mr. YouTube Toast

    Anyone else notice how in Belly’s verse he said “you wanna be high for this”, that’s a cool reference

  • New Wave New Age K-Haze Channel
    New Wave New Age K-Haze Channel

  • Jazmin Diaz
    Jazmin Diaz

    Amo a the weeknd y todo su flow. 🧎🏾‍♀️🤌🏼


    All my doubts are gone since he said "better believe"

  • d

    This is The Weeknd's song and y'all BETTER BELEIVE.

  • JonesBonesE46

    Bumping this in my BMW E46. Great song!

  • Ace Quan
    Ace Quan

    I’m giving my soul to XO.

  • IncorporatedOps

    Ngl, I never expected Abel to feature in a rap song in 2021.

  • IncorporatedOps

    Abel is like Eminem: NEVER let him go first.

  • Simba The King
    Simba The King

    The explosions in the end reminds me of the ending in fight club

  • NIKA


  • Austin Knutesen
    Austin Knutesen

    Wish more artists would put this much into there videos

  • Brandyn Lee
    Brandyn Lee


  • Dre Wheatley
    Dre Wheatley

    Abel is simply a different breed ... shouldn’t let him go first🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Kahmal Farrington
    Kahmal Farrington

    Amen Luke 1:37

  • Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
    Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.

    Belly look like Khalid and Dj Drama

  • Seyed Ebrahim
    Seyed Ebrahim

    فیلم سگسی

  • Nick Nunez
    Nick Nunez

    lil baby needs to be on this.

  • YNS


  • Mohamed Adan
    Mohamed Adan

    I don't know who the second guy was but he killed that verse...DAMN

  • Dominique Menchaca
    Dominique Menchaca

    Yall betta believe

  • Dominique Menchaca
    Dominique Menchaca

    He steady on top he gon die on top real talk!!

  • HollerLadyTx🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    I believe

  • HollerLadyTx🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    This song s so enjoyable 😉

  • Ackza𒀖


  • usama junaid khan
    usama junaid khan

    This song gonna hit 100 Mil soon , Ya'll better believe 🔥

  • rajat bahuguna
    rajat bahuguna


  • Addicted to Bad Things
    Addicted to Bad Things

    U all better believe couse we here

  • Miss • Point _
    Miss • Point _

    Why was the rapper last verse so short

  • Jaay Dubz
    Jaay Dubz

    that E46 M3 clean af tho 🏎🏎

  • Catalin Lazar
    Catalin Lazar

    I dont believe , they are not cool anymore ... we are old now

  • Dhawal Madankar
    Dhawal Madankar

    You all BETTER BELIEVE that this Abel's Song now !!!!

  • A H I L 7 7 7
    A H I L 7 7 7

    Who is the owner of this beautiful e46

  • Izzy Meh-Zone
    Izzy Meh-Zone

    This reminds me of "Somebody Watching Me" song because. MJ hook made the singer nonexistent. Able jumps on a track and the rest is nonexistent. There are few artists, Able can't outshadow. SZA/Travis Scott on that Game of Thrones type song. Kendrick Lamar on the track, "Pray For Me."

  • SurwonX

    Ost.Need For Speed 2022 !!!!

  • Spiritualpreneur

    *tap in* better believe

  • KTA999

    1:00 that's some Indian movie shit

  • Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov
    Saydiburkhon Saydirasulov

    Abel's back must hurt coz he had to carry the whole song