Amazing Tools That Are On Another Level ▶24
Most of us know all the basic handyman tools: hammer, wrench, screwdriver... But tool brands innovate every day, releasing new and improved tools to make the job much more easy. In this episode of Quantum Tech HD, we bring you some of the newest tools brought to you by KUVALDA.RU. Check out their amazing videos on their Instagram and new RUmost channel!



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  • 6363OK

    5:35 Интересно, какой идиот потратится на такой запор, который без труда можно свернуть? Ну это не для нас! Да и вообще - куча бредовых вещей!

  • Tom Are Ødelien
    Tom Are Ødelien

    5:42 if you have a work van like that you remove posibility of like 80% parking inndors with that patent, awsome ide, but it stick up WAY to high, it make the car 40cm higher that it used to be, and that is a big problem =( There should be a twist bracket on it so when it is "thigthend" down you can twist it and lay it to one side, volla you have removed atleast 30cm of hight =)

  • Maskeradus

    Gripit can hold up to 113kg......yes.....but not on drywalls.

  • Sergii Tryguba
    Sergii Tryguba

    украинский производитель станков и линий

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    I want some of these tools, please

  • Rixtronix LAB
    Rixtronix LAB

    Nice video, thanks :)

  • Laurent Poulain
    Laurent Poulain

    ca fait longtemps que certains objet existe , serieux faut sortir le dimanche ou travailler dans le BTP

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep

    This could have been so much better for us viewers if the brand names and tool names were included. Pricing would help, too. Has some kind soul listed them here?

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      Use an impact to install an oil filter permanently.

  • Thomas John
    Thomas John

    These tools are great but the background music has so much soul, it moved me to tears.

    • Thomas John
      Thomas John

      @LJ Prep You're right. I was just joking.

    • LJ Prep
      LJ Prep

      Yeah, downright SADISTIC "music".

  • Herry Wahyono
    Herry Wahyono


  • that_G_EvanP

    It would be nice if they told you the name of the tool. I recognized some of the ones from Knipex but that's about it.

  • 肉


  • Vatharian

    What's the point / purpose of the spring in 2:40? I can't figure it out.

  • zorro nour
    zorro nour


  • Chris Babcock
    Chris Babcock

    Why does everyone feel the need to tighten the shit out of oil filters?? It has a gasket folks! barely past snug!!

  • عدنان حلاق
    عدنان حلاق

    طيب انتي حاطط ضرب عم يطلع منو الماء وينو هادا

  • Ilmu Pengetahuan
    Ilmu Pengetahuan

    Wow! alat yang canggih...

  • Ana Tucker
    Ana Tucker

    The onerous title conversantly waste because nic statistically water for a hot huge gander. weak, obscene cold

  • Salauddin Rafi
    Salauddin Rafi

    Made for making life easier. Life hack tools 🙆

  • Sheena Coleman
    Sheena Coleman

    The rural narcissus metabolically mine because coffee contrastingly enter toward a sloppy half-brother. abnormal, old afternoon

  • Todd Bellows
    Todd Bellows

    Use an impact to install an oil filter permanently.

  • Oh Sorry
    Oh Sorry

    i've never thrown so much Money at the TV in less than 10 min. for Anything before

  • Naashi Irisartar
    Naashi Irisartar

    Google always promote shit, money spending and false ideas, he take your video and transform it in a jam filled with pure junk so as to make bounce out the guy who tried to look at your job !!! Quit youtube, they are dead !

  • 喵喵提爾

    i like those tool They look so useful and so great

  • Эммануил Лаперузович Накойхер
    Эммануил Лаперузович Накойхер

    1:30 Убийца шпилек. Краску удаляют не потому что "трудно крутить" А потому что после того как в гайке не останется зазора начнет жрать резьбу.

  • 지오 딘
    지오 딘

    첫화면은 도대체 어디에~~??

  • Altair

    Đã thật

  • JD

    Just a tip Turn volume off

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster

    I'm ordering my wife to watch this in October so that I have some real stocking stuffers by Xmas.

  • jay bea
    jay bea

    did not tool in picture.,/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gnunja Mbusiness
    Gnunja Mbusiness

    Ignorant to show being used to install an oil filter. Any mechanic and half the worlds nit-wits know better

  • Darryl Walker
    Darryl Walker

    I want some of these tools, please

  • Ayy Rico
    Ayy Rico

    Jay eee duobleyou

  • GamingWith- SH
    GamingWith- SH

    8:13 what's the name of this tools? someone please tell.

  • Gavin Jenkins
    Gavin Jenkins

    Maybe we should just make oil filters less bad so that 15 special tools aren't needed for them in the first place

  • Людмила Иванова
    Людмила Иванова

    Вот мне бы такую ножовку. Супер инструмент

  • Grand Pro
    Grand Pro

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay


    • Mota Beta Reviews
      Mota Beta Reviews

      YUP. I Saw that too! :) Deh Han Min Gook!

  • Steve Hodgkins
    Steve Hodgkins

    If you are using an impact for oil filter install/removal - you are a loser and need to go back to kindergarten.

  • Tukang Ganteng
    Tukang Ganteng

    Canggih tenan

  • sh0ty2theb0dy

    Just what i wanted. A mechanic putting on a hand tight oil filter with power tools.

  • miko foin
    miko foin


  • Ba Ba
    Ba Ba

    Teknikên balkêş..... 💚❤️💛

  • Marcus Bonde
    Marcus Bonde

    That idiot with the oil filter wrench - I hope that gasket gives up in the middle of motor way, the engine vomits it's oil out and siezes! That's no way to fit an oil filter.



  • Tukang Kayu_ official
    Tukang Kayu_ official


  • If you like it, then Post it
    If you like it, then Post it

  • Igor Freitas
    Igor Freitas


  • 99 SÁNG TẠO
    99 SÁNG TẠO


  • Otmanov Anony
    Otmanov Anony

    Bravo kuvaldru

  • Tim B
    Tim B

    Sorry, but the torque multiplier @1:23-1:35 is not hydraulic, just mechanical gear reduction

  • ivø

    Nice tools but very rushed presentation...



  • Espedge Tf2
    Espedge Tf2

    doit but like in payday 2

  • bong kem
    bong kem

    the human creations are limitless !!!

  • Darkmatter2134

    I want that oil filter wrench.

  • Paul Wayper
    Paul Wayper

    This is mostly reusing someone else's content, as we can all see from the logos from the Russian site doing these reviews. How about you find something original?

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    ill never used those, but i need one

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    hope those tools sound less

  • Sergo Antikolorado
    Sergo Antikolorado

    0:39 там де такий доступ до фільтра, я і руками відкручу.

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Amazing Video ! Keep it up !

  • glenn c
    glenn c

    Hope I never have to change oil on that one,HAND TIGHT ONLY!

  • Advanced Tech
    Advanced Tech

    Amazing Video ! Keep it up !

  • Atallah Almatrafi
    Atallah Almatrafi

    لا اله الا الله. 🌹

  • Kenneth Schultz
    Kenneth Schultz

    How can I get a list on the name and manufacturer of each tool and where to get it?

    • hamid ceramic السيراميك
      hamid ceramic السيراميك

    • hamid ceramic السيراميك
      hamid ceramic السيراميك

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma

    Man the thumbnail was literally nailing me😶

  • Marius Chiriac
    Marius Chiriac

    Not amazing tools, just normal tools. If you havent seen a tool it does not meen that the tool is amazing.

  • a


  • wingerrrrrrrrr

    Think the demo with the rounded nut extractor showed how extracted nut will get lodged in the extractor and require another extractor to remove from the extractor.

  • Vivo Vivo
    Vivo Vivo


  • Funk Addict
    Funk Addict

    Very nice tools, music sounds like a circus.

  • ALEHator

    Отписываюсь! Сам смотри этот формат для вертикальноглащых

  • Robert MacDonald
    Robert MacDonald

    Anyone who uses a impact driver to install a oil filter is a idiot & deserves what he gets.

  • John E. Carr
    John E. Carr

    Motorola moto e

  • John Eubanks
    John Eubanks

    Ok did I miss the aqua jetting head or something?

    • wowens1218

      That's the reason I watched it. We clean and recycle 55 gallon plastic barrels with a pressure washer but underside of the top is a problem to clean. That spray nozzle would solve that problem.

  • Karosi online TV
    Karosi online TV

  • Tyler 5157
    Tyler 5157

    THAT'S WHY I CAN NEVER GET MY OIL FILTER OFF! Damn dealers using a impact on my filter

    • Amzar Nacht
      Amzar Nacht

      @Tyler 5157 Sensible, tho, for filters in places tools can't reach... but hope their impact is set as low as it'll go, unlike damn tire shops.

    • Tyler 5157
      Tyler 5157

      @César Mansilla it was rhetorical...

    • César Mansilla
      César Mansilla

      If the dealer use impact on the filter change the dealer, he doesn't know his work.

  • Cemil aksaç
    Cemil aksaç

    çöpe atacak parası olanlar için.

  • Jim Q. Regal
    Jim Q. Regal

    Very nice.

  • Chief El'iam
    Chief El'iam

    The thumb nail was MISLEADING

  • حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    المشكله والكارثة انهم ((هم سبب موقفي في ابهاء))ثم زادو الحقوها نجران

  • newest egg
    newest egg

    anyone else notice all the clips are from the same guy?

  • chia sẻ thú vị
    chia sẻ thú vị

    Ko nhìn thấy đầu xịt thông cống đâu

  • KeyboardSamurai

    shit! been watching this for an hour, time to go out

  • JSFrederic

    Professional workers feature in other videos: Useless tools ever

  • Mow Better
    Mow Better

    links to manufacturer and where to buy

    • RiD1

      You're joking right, almost every clip had the link! The same link!

  • Engin Çakır
    Engin Çakır

    Müzik berbat kafa sikiyor adam gibi müzik olsun sessiz çok gürültü yapıyor?!!!!!!!

  • Seb59F1


  • azka bonsai
    azka bonsai

    Alat nya sungguh canggih dan menakjubkan.. Mantap bang

    • hamid ceramic السيراميك
      hamid ceramic السيراميك

  • Cris Gh
    Cris Gh

    Hola! Por favor,de donde puedo comprar el articulo del min.6.33-Dust collector for 9 different diameter? Muchas gracias!

    • hamid ceramic السيراميك
      hamid ceramic السيراميك

  • 1920 Beer Baron
    1920 Beer Baron

    Click bait. didn't show the tool in the thumbnail. The reason I watched. No Sub.

  • Lancar Barokah
    Lancar Barokah

    Canggih bener

  • GigiNews74


  • Рауф Даг
    Рауф Даг

    Макита для вязки арматуры интересная

  • Adul Adul
    Adul Adul


  • TheCoolStuffHD

    Impact for an oil filter is not only overkill, but it’s stupid.

  • Chris Sanders
    Chris Sanders


  • Neобычный Сантехник
    Neобычный Сантехник

    Крутые штуки 👍👍👍

    • hamid ceramic السيراميك
      hamid ceramic السيراميك

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